1x DPS Advertisement + 1 Million Email Broadcast

• Advert to be designed by M+H Magazine to client’s specification

• Design to include animation (fade, slide, zoom, rotate)

• Embedded Video (MP4/YouTube)

• Hyperlinks with tracking capability

• Social Media Links with tracking capability

• 1 million email broadcast to be sent on clients behalf to our network of subscribers

• Email broadcast to be segmented to be sent to subscribers that have previously shown interest in your product category

• Up to 200 words of content to be included in the proposed article

• Content to include 2 images

• Images and text can include links directing readers to your desired landing pages

DPS Ad Example

Email Example

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• M&H Mag will provide to advertisers clear and concise analytics on your campaign performance

• M&H Mag can implement tags on adverts that we send on your behalf

• M&H Mag will track independently how many clicks your advert receives and will provide a campaign analysis of your activity

• M&H Mag will work with most independent tag tracking software to ensure advertisers get the reporting they need to properly evaluate the campaign. Please see the example on the right.


Movers + Homemakers is a unique publication with a unique readership.
M+H readers are a truly diverse demographic with one thing in common; they are all looking for the latest trends to restyle, redecorate, refurnish, refurbish or renovate their home. Our readers spend on average more in the first 12 months of moving to improve their new properties than at any other time.
Readership / Subscriber Statistics
In November 2020 x1000 recipients took part in our reader survey:

Home Owners:  78%
of which:
Owned outright:  27% of owners
Buy with mortgage:  73% of owners

Renters:  22%
of which:
Private rentals:  81.7% of renters
Local authority: 8.7% of renters
Housing association: 9.6% of renters

16 to 24:  17.1%
25 to 34:  33.5%
45 to 54:  12%
55 to 64: 8.4%
75 and over:  9%

Average Annual Income:  £67,500

WINTER 2021/22

Live: 1st November 2021  – 31st January 2022

Artwork Submissions: 15th September  – 1st November 2021


Live: 1st February 2022 – 30th April 2022

Artwork Submissions: 1st December 2021 – 15th January 2022


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