Platinum package includes:

• 1X DPS Advertisement

• 1 million email broadcast to be sent on clients behalf to our networks of subscribers

• Email broadcast to be segmented to be sent to subscribers that have previously shown interest in your product category

• Social media marketing through our Facebook and Twitter Channels consisting of 5 x Tweets and 5 x Facebook postings per issue

• Up to 200 words of content to be included in the proposed article

• Content to include 2 images

• Images and text can include links directing readers to your desired landing pages

• Advert to be designed by M+H Magazine to client’s specification

• Design to include animation (fade, slide, zoom, rotate)

• Embedded Video (MP4/YouTube)

• Hyperlinks with tracking capability

• Social Media Links with tracking capability


Gold package includes:

• 1X DPS Advertisement

• Advert to be designed by M+H Magazine to client’s specification

• Design to include animation (fade, slide, zoom, rotate)

• Embedded Video (MP4/YouTube)

• Hyperlinks with tracking capability

• Social Media Links with tracking capability



• M+H Magazine will provide to advertisers clear and concise analytics on your campaign performance

• M+H Magazine can implement tags on adverts that we send on your behalf

• M+H Magazine will track independently how many clicks your advert receives and will provide a campaign analysis of your activity

• M+H Magazine will work with most independent tag tracking software to ensure advertisers get the reporting they need to properly evaluate the campaign. Please see examples on the right.

DPS Advert & Email Campaign Examples

Movers and Homemakers can segment our subscriber data to put you in touch with readers who have previously clicked on or requested information about your product / industry category.

Bosch Advert Response had 83,026 total unique clicks.

Bosch Email Campaign sent to 500,000 subscribers.

This campaign which is representative of our clients achieved a 17.31% open rate resulting in 86,549 subscribers opening the email.

Of the 86,549 subscribers opening the broadcast 3.81% clicked on the link resulting in 3297 unique clicks.


Readership statistics
In September 2018 x 1000 recipients who took part in our reader survey:

89% were women – Composed  of mums (85%), childminders, female relatives.

11% were men – Composed of dads (90%), childminders, male relatives.

68% were in part time or full time work

78% owned their own homes
66% had an household income of over £36,000
43% had a household income of over £58,000
9% had a household income of over £90,000

3% were aged between 19 and 24

66% were aged between 25 – 39
34% were 40 and 59
7% were 60 or over

Family household:
On average our readers have 2.1 children with an average age gap of 2.7 years, meaning our average reader household contains 4.1 family members.

Average Number of Children per reader household 2.1.
Average age difference between children: 2.7 years.
47% of our reader households have a child under 2 years old.

In Summary

Our readership are predominantly mums who work and own their own homes. They find BTS informative and easy to use and trust the content because it comes to them via their child’s school. They read BTS mainly on tablets and desktops and enjoy the content and carefully selected offers we make available to them.



Live: April 1st – Sept 31st

Campaign Length: 6 months

Artwork Submissions: Jan 11th – Mar 31st



Live: October 1st  – March 31st

Campaign Length: 6 months

Artwork Submissions: Jul 15th  – Sep 30th



Editorial Enquiries: Amanda Gerrard

Design and Production Enquiries:

Sales Enquiries:

Movers + Homemakers Magazine

Movers And HomeMakers is produced twice per year with each issue read by over 1 million households during the course of their move.

As many as 200,000 people move home each month in the UK. Each of those 200,000 households spend on average £5,000 on services and products associated with their move.

Moving is one of life’s major events and one of the strongest times for companies to capitalise on a range of major purchasing decisions.

200,000 households per month will be making decisions on mortgages, insurance, kitchens, major appliances such as washing machines and fridges, broadband, phone and TV services, energy supply and many more

Harnessing the UK’s best quality GDPR approved data we work with key partners such as The Royal Mail, Experian, Zoopla, Rightmove and more to reach 200,000 households in the process of moving every month.

Our digital magazine is emailed direct to their inboxes from when they first fill out a redirection notice which is generally 2 x weeks before they move through to their house sale and completion reaching households when they move and in the 2 weeks after they have moved.

Movers and Home Makers has been running successfully since 2013 and has over 1.3 million subscribers who are keen to accept carefully targeted broadcasts form M&H on nehalf of our valued partners.

Our database is managed by a team and is updated constantly to ensure that our digital magazine is sent to home movers when they are both about to move and have moved ensuring that we reach our readers multiple times throughout the moving process.

Movers and Homemakers is not only aspirational it contains informative and engaging content about moving into a new home we offer great ideas from upcycling to high tech homes and work with some of the world’s best designers and architects to showcase some truly outstanding projects.